What people say about Jenny’s supervision groups

“Jenny is masterful in creating and holding the space, creating rapport in the group that allows for deep insight and learning, while enabling healthy challenge.  Jenny does this and asks penetrating questions with a wonderfully light touch.  Our group enjoy and value our time together and it is an essential part of my coaching practice. ”   – Mike Heneghan, Executive Coach, London

“As a coach to more than 30 MDs in the Executive Foundation, I need to be up to date with the latest coaching thinking, and to continually improve my coaching.  Jenny does this extraordinarily well for me – she’s experienced, insightful, skilled, and balances being hugely supportive with challenging me steadily to grow and adapt.” – Mike Wilsher, Executive Foundation.

What people say about Jenny’s supervision

“Jenny Bird is one of the sharpest most insightful coach supervisors in the business. My time working with her was exemplary. I learnt so much modelled through her exceptional ability to contract, challenge, her clarity and compassion. I highly recommend her work as a coach supervisor and coach mentor.
Jackee Holder (Author, Coach and Coach supervisor)”

“I have been working with Jenny Bird for over a year as my supervisor. Jenny is brilliant, brilliant at bringing the best out of you, even when you might have doubts about self, brilliant at succinctly getting to the real nub of an issue, her powerful questioning style with empathy gives one the space and environment that creates a different paradigm for thinking, allowing her clients to develop at a fantastic rate. I would highly recommend Jenny to anyone who has the ambition to simply be the best coach they can be, because she will help them be that.”
Ian Sellick, PCC

Jenny Bird as a coach mentor

“Jenny is a skilled and astute facilitator, coach and mentor of coaches. She combines clear developmental feedback with a supportive and encouraging style which both hits the mark and builds confidence. I really enjoyed her attention to responding to our needs and truly focussing on our agenda. She was always willing to be flexible whilst also modelling holding boundaries and taking an open approach in resolving any difficulties or changes in our programme of work”
Alyse Ashton, accredited Executive coach and director of Eye 2 Eye Development Limited.

“Jenny is a great coach and mentor coach. She is funny, irreverent, caring and asks the best questions of any coach I have ever worked with. In short, a delight to have in your corner when you tackle life.”
Søren Holm

Jenny Bird as a coach

“Working with Jenny Bird has had a very positive impact on my development and confidence as a manager. She provides an invaluable sounding board for management decisions but her real effectiveness is in encouraging approaches and lines of questioning that help me to help myself. I regard her as a key catalyst in our success as an organisation over the last 18 months.”
John White, Managing Director, 4T2 Multimedia

“I have found working with Jenny to have been exceptionally rewarding. She has helped me to make sense of a rapidly changing and complex environment and how to respond to and maximise my personal impact within this environment.”
Director of a large NHS PCT.