Coaching Supervision by an International Coach Federation Master Credentialed Coach (MCC)

Coach supervision is vital to the development of each coach individually and of the coaching profession. It is also often required by organisations booking coaches to work with their people.

Jenny Bird is an exceptionally skilled, hugely experienced coach supervisor, working over many years with coaches at all stages of their professional development both internal to organisations and external. Her supervision is based on a deep understanding of how we work with each other and wide ranging experience of coaching as a profession and its place in individual and organisational change and development.

Jenny’s supervision provides a safe space for coaches to:
• give attention to their own needs; be nurtured and supported as professionals
• reflect on their work, identifying patterns and development areas
• gain new awareness, insights and ideas and experiment with their application
Supervisees describe Jenny as a sensitive, creative, perceptive, reassuring and motivating supervisor with a wealth of relevant experience of the profession and its applications.
She delights in working with coaches who intend to be their very best, who embrace personal and professional development and who uphold the most rigorous professional standards in coaching.
Coaches work with her to develop their professional skills, explore their challenges, enhance their creativity and understand more about their strengths. Jenny is delighted to discuss supervision with coaches and to help you find the best mix for you.

She offers both in person and virtual:
• Individual coaching supervision
• Small group supervision

Coaching Supervision Articles

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New Publication – How to Work with People and Enjoy It!

Click here for details, reviews and ordering on Amazon.

How to Work with People… and Enjoy It! is an invaluable, accessible, practical handbook for anyone who works with people. It includes pointers for reflection, tools for experimentation, models for analysing relational dynamics, and tables and diagrams to stimulate discovery and development.

Leadership and relationship start with us as individuals – the stories we tell ourselves, about the world and our place in it – and this book takes us on a journey from the inside out. Jenny Bird and Sarah Gornall challenge us to explore our own part in all our interactions – smooth and rough – and offer us ways to change our story, our interactions and our outcomes.

New and original models suggest ways to minimise interference and maximise potential, improve results – and enjoy both work and all our interactions with others more.

How to Work with People… and Enjoy It! is written by two highly experienced international coaches, and their wisdom and humour shine through on every page. Illustrated and informative, it is a key handbook for leaders and managers, HR and Learning and Development professionals, mentors and coaches. Highly accessible, with numerous case studies and experiments, it is also an invaluable resource for anyone who is not totally satisfied with the way they work, communicate and interact with others.

The Art of Coaching: A Handbook of Tools and Tips

The Art of Coaching is a best seller within the coaching profession, recommended by numerous coach training schools and university programmes. Published in 2016 it has become a standard text for coches at all stages of their careers in expanding their resourcefulness and encouraging creativity in client work. The premises it offers on how working beyond words taps into new thinking are supported by developments in neuroscience. Jenny and Sarah are regularly invited by coaches’ groups, professional conferences and business schools to speak about how we develop though creativity.


Sarah and Jenny